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May 26 20 wordpress

You are Flexible and Will Adapt

After weeks of Covid-19 related disruption, I am seeing more and more businesses starting to adapt more comfortably. They have taken the time to stop, reflect and consider what the current and likely future situation will mean for their business. The great thing about being a small business is our ability to adjust the way...
May 26th, 2020
April 7 20 wordpress

What’s a Pivot and What Comes First?

More than ever we are hearing the word pivot. Do you know what it is to pivot your business? Did you know that there are lots of forms of pivoting? I joined a workshop with Steve Dalton last week and he introduced the different types of pivots that businesses use, as defined by Eric Ries....
April 7th, 2020
April 1 20 wordpress

Surviving Working From Home Tip #1

It’s hard to be miserable wearing a party wig! To help me get through the what could otherwise be a monotonous week, I am choosing to dress to lift my mood. I was inspired after seeing photos of little people dressing as superheroes, princesses, and adults putting on their glad rags for dinner at home. ...
April 1st, 2020
March 5 20 wordpress

Share Your Vision With Clarity – 5 Top Tips

I have experienced first hand this week, the importance of being able to articulate that thing which drives you to do what you do.  Having both interviewed potential participants for an accelerator programme and been in the hot seat myself, I cannot stress enough how powerful it is to be able to do this succinctly. ...
March 5th, 2020
helene and emil

Remembering Emil 78 Years On

Remembering my Great Grandfather Emil Kornitzer. Last month, on Holocaust Memorial Day, I wrote how losing family in the Holocaust created deep sorrow and trauma for my grandmother but from this grew resilience and determination.  It remains important to me that we do not forget those murdered. Born on the 27th of May 1885, Emil...
February 29th, 2020
February 10 20 wordpress

How Do You Make A Contribution?

I prioritised some time last week going through how I spend my time on a monthly basis. My motivation for doing this was to ensure I am scheduling the right amount of time for the right activities. I know I have a tendency to spend more time than I have available on some of my...
February 10th, 2020