You are Flexible and Will Adapt

May 26th, 2020

After weeks of Covid-19 related disruption, I am seeing more and more businesses starting to adapt more comfortably. They have taken the time to stop, reflect and consider what the current and likely future situation will mean for their business. The great thing about being a small business is our ability to adjust the way we work across our business at pace. The huge supertanker corporates cannot work in this agile way. Of course, the downside for many of us has been lack of security, uncertainty, loss of income, lack of government intervention. However, none of us started our businesses thinking it would be easy and we have been tested more than we imagined so many times already, haven’t we?

Business founders are the epitome of flexible. Flexibility is our ability to adapt to changing environments and think about problems we solve for others and face ourselves from new angles.

If we waited to be certain we would never have started our businesses nor would we have launched anything. So even if you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed and unsure of next steps, recognise that you are already flexible and you will adapt.

How can you ensure you are exercising your flexibility and adaptability muscles??

I recall reading a helpful article about this, albeit I can’t find the reference now to share. It described how in a business context, being adaptable is when you are open to new ideas and concepts, can working independently or in partnership as required, and are willing to shift your focus and priority across numerous projects. Your level of ability or willingness to adapt is what determines your level of flexibility.

So, now is the time to:

  1. Explore new options and ideas to get you to the next step, if you get stuck, reach out to peers and mentors to ask for their help with this
  2. Think about the areas where you must work on activities alone and consider those where your team members or other potential partners will add value to what you are doing
  3. Revisit where you are putting your focus, are you comfortably switching between tasks depending on their priority? If not, consider how you can plan differently to enable this to happen
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