Surviving Working From Home Tip #1

April 1st, 2020

It’s hard to be miserable wearing a party wig!

To help me get through the what could otherwise be a monotonous week, I am choosing to dress to lift my mood.

I was inspired after seeing photos of little people dressing as superheroes, princesses, and adults putting on their glad rags for dinner at home.  I love fancy dress parties and having the opportunity to adopt a new persona once in a while.  So I figured that, just like a fancy dress party can lift my weekend mood, it would probably have the same effect on a work day.

A well-known rule when aiming to work effectively from home is not to wear your pyjamas.  Productivity experts and psychologists tell us to dress for work and get into the work zone.  I’m just deciding to take this a little further and put on something additional that makes me smile.  Surprisingly you do forget you are wearing it after a while but when you catch yourself in the mirror or on video conference it has to raise a smile.

Whether you choose to dig out a colourful wig, or simply dress as you would for the office, it will help your work mindset and assist you in focussing on the must-dos.

Stay safe, stay home x

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