Preparing for a Flood

January 15th, 2020

Puddles are great fun when you can splash about in them with your wellies on. When the puddle becomes a lake, a body of water too deep and too wide to wade through the fun doesn’t need to disappear but the activity has to change. You have to swim, sail or float in a boat requiring different equipment and expertise. But when the bank of the lake breaks and a flood develops, a very different scenario emerges, the fun goes, disruption emerges and activities are centred around damage limitation and even survival.

You don’t always have control of whether there is a puddle, a lake or a flood ahead of you but if you can learn to be flexible, adapt and change on a daily basis, you can build resilience to the unexpected.

You can build resilience by being proactive. On a practical level this means:

– embracing creative problem solving

– being optimistic but also realistic in doing so

– acknowledge your emotions attached to various situations

– writing about your experience

– setting goals

– making time for a happy balance

– managing expectations but being ambitious

Consider what you can do today to build on this aspect of your wellbeing, and don’t forget to jump in the puddles. Have fun!

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