How Do You Make A Contribution?

February 10th, 2020

I prioritised some time last week going through how I spend my time on a monthly basis. My motivation for doing this was to ensure I am scheduling the right amount of time for the right activities. I know I have a tendency to spend more time than I have available on some of my projects to the detriment of others. This can leave me with a sense of underachievement. Therefore I have created my optimal schedule, which details the number of days I would like to be spending on each activity type. This also aligns with my business models and associated financial targets, something I revisit each quarter.

Importantly, my schedule is entitled, “how I contribute value each month” to state how this is underpinned by how I believe my time is best spent to create impact for those I work with.

Regardless of how you plan your time, planning will always help you to focus on what is really important in any week. I have shared my monthly overview for interest. It is good for us and helpful to others when we show our work.

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