Happy New Year!

January 1st, 2020

However much you plan ahead for the New Year, there is nothing quite like the arrival of 1st January to really kick start you into action.  That sense of urgency emerges and whether you have set some new years resolutions or not (I’m in the ‘not’ camp), you can still do something proactive to create momentum.   

It’s time a make a start.  Do something very small which will set you on the course for either building on the 2019 achievements in your business, or perhaps creating something new.

Think of this as a game of scrabble, what small action can you take to alter an outcome?  Just making the addition of 2 letters onto an existing word can increase its value and impact.  WORD can become SWORDS, AFRAID can become UNAFRAID.    What action can you take which can alter the direction or reframe something for you?

For me today, my one small thing which is the single letter on my existing word is a teeny, tiny bit of planning. I am digging out some new recipes to ensure that my self-care is at the top of my list alongside my business intentions and goals for this year.

I am adding an important W onto activities I said NO to at the end of last month…. and as a result, I am doing them NOW.

This week these include:

  • autoscheduling my social media posts, which I put off for an entire year!
  • as above, meal planning to increase healthy eats and reduce food waste
  • creating a content planner calendar – I’ve planned out January so far after blogging for the whole of 2019 with no plan

What is the one small thing you can do today?

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