Ditch the Tactic Not the Strategy

January 24th, 2020

I was reminded in a conversation last week how Seth Godin in his latest book “This is Marketing” talks about how our strategy for achieving something can stay the same and it’s the tactics that are likely to change.

Just because your current tactic or set of tactics don’t feel like they are working out, that doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with your strategy.

I have a strategy to support my community and maintain my daily blog. There are loads of ways tactically that I can do this. The option I decided on in late December was to match the topics that I wrote about last year day by day. I felt this would be time-saving but would still generate interesting posts.

But what I found within days is that this tactic bored me, I missed the joy of choosing what to share, which is often stimulated, like this post, by something that has happened in that week. So, instead of trying to hone the habit of matching my topics, or at worst, ditch the strategy of maintaining my blog entirely, I have accepted that my early tactic has failed.

My new tactic is to write daily about what topics I am drawn to share. I don’t necessarily post that same blog on that day, I may choose to share it later in the week. Unlike last year, I have a bank of draft posts written when the mood takes me and they are never written after 10:30 at night. As an aside, I have a new keystone habit to go to bed by 10:30 and my work and writing fit around this.

My strategy of supporting my community is supported by other tactics such as scheduling relevant social media posts and being more consistent with my support of my Facebook group. These tactics work currently, but I am open to things changing.

Do you have any tactics which are failing which you are afraid to let go of because you believe you will be waving goodbye to your strategy? There will be 10s, perhaps 100s of different tactics you can use to meet your strategy, feel no shame in ditching what no longer works.

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