5 Habits to Grow Your Business

January 2nd, 2020

Growing the impact of your business requires a little nurturing.  Avoid relying on willpower when you are trying to be consistent in your quest to grow your business.  Forming some habits will enable you to provide a strong and regular supply of the fundamental elements that support your business growth.

  1. Review the value you create for your customers.  Do this on a regular basis.  Hang reminders of that value in your office and ensure you focus on value rather than being tempted to over-collect outputs or vanity metrics.  Regularly tease out the value you create which is beyond your original expectation and map these against the current needs of your customers.  Keep building on this insight.
  2. Connect with your community.  While this doesn’t have to be an everyday activity, it must be regular. Your business will grow most effectively when you work with other people and organisations. When you are clear on the value create networking and partnerships are productive. Networking events have a place but be strategic on how and where you spend your time.  Elicit the places where potential new staff, customers, funders and partners hang out, matched to the needs of your business at that time.
  3. Create space in your day.  Don’t overfill your diary, leave a few gaps.  Without space, there is no flexibility and you don’t give yourself or your business the capacity to see, foster and act upon the emerging opportunities.  You miss out and stay stagnant, without flexibility there is no business growth.
  4. Ask for help and collaborate.  Connected to effective networking, never hesitate to ask people in your community for help.  When you hit a barrier or challenge, stop to consider who may have the insight to help you to create some options for your business. Many opportunities can be maximised when you collaborate. When you connect with the right people with trust and shared values, effective and long term collaboration can thrive.
  5. Reflect and learn.  Schedule time to ask your customers and partners for feedback on a regular basis to inform your business development. Work with your team to identify which of your approaches and systems work well and should be continued and which are weak links and need improvement.
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