Why Your Experience, Passion and a String of Success Stories is Not Enough

November 24th, 2019

Not enough for who or for what?

Most of you will have built your businesses on the experience you have accumulated over many years, the skills and knowledge you have honed and supported by the passion that keeps you motivated.  You will have demonstrated the value that you are creating in the case studies and testimonials you share.

So who is this not enough for and what are you still unable to do?

If you have an existing client base that has been with you for years, they like what you do and they continue to work with and buy from you, this is enough.  It is likely that they have contributed to some of those testimonials you proudly show your potential customers or clients.  Bold quotes of how you have helped them and the change you have created in their life as a result.  This maybe just perfect, or perhaps not?

The business world is now so full of noise, their founders are metaphorically shouting on every corner of social media and are likely competing for the same customers as you.  Your experience, passion and string of success stories are not enough if people simply don’t see them.

I wrote a blog in the spring where I jokingly shared the importance of showing the world your TITS to get noticed.  It clearly made a lasting impression as someone mentioned it to me again only this week, and given I have written a further 210 articles since that time it must have been memorable!  That is so typical of social media, we sometimes have to do or say something to help us to stand out against the noise.

In that particular article, I shared the importance of not hiding away to ensure that your greatness doesn’t go unnoticed.  Building a personal brand or a strong business brand is not something I am expert in, although I know many people who are.  My advice, therefore, is to invest time working out by whom and therefore where you need to be seen and work with brand experts to guide you.  There are self-help resources at one end of the spectrum and consultants at the other.  Either way, you need to be proactive to grow our business. And, when in doubt, remember to make sure you also get out your TITS.

Tenacity. Be persistent, keep going, it’s hard work building a business but it is worth it.  You don’t have to do this alone and you can ask for help to reach the next level.

Inventiveness. When you want to expand your impact, don’t simply share what has gone before, refresh what you are doing.  This doesn’t always mean radical change but you won’t make that desired impact by sticking to what you’ve always done.  Get creative.

Talent. Maximise the use of your skills and superpowers!  Take time to reflect and reevaluate the value you create for others, your superpower is hidden in there, it helps to make you unique and it’s time to show it off.

Sparkle. Get out there and shine, be visible.  I See You, We See You, so let others see you too.

“The entrepreneurial life doesn’t have to be a hustle, you have everything in you to succeed.  It’s inside you, it’s time to show it off.”

Be the yellow pepper in that bowl of red ones, develop your brand, show off your TITS and be noticed.

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