Why Is Nobody Cheering?

December 5th, 2019

One of the most frustrating things I hear you say about social media is that so few people, relative to before, are seeing your posts.

I was participating in a group chat recently and the post author was having a rant about how disappointed she was that nobody had responded to a celebratory post she had written.  We were all confident that it was the good old algorithms that meant most of us hadn’t seen the original post.  And that, coupled with the fact that the group is international, time zones meant even fewer people had seen it.

More significantly perhaps, if you are being honest, at the times when you feel invisible, how often are you actually posting the celebrations?  How many of you are too bashful to post about the great work you are achieving?  How many of you find it easier to celebrate the success of everyone else and not your own?  People can’t celebrate with you unless you tell them about it.

What is stopping you sharing your success? 

Is it a fear of being perceived as bragging?

A fear that friends, family and colleagues won’t have any interest in what you have to share?

Lack of acknowledgement that what you are doing is newsworthy?

Your head is already on the next thing and you’ve not stopped to celebrate an achievement?

I have spoken to many PR and marketing professionals who also fall into the same trap.  (So don’t beat yourself up about it too much!) They spend their days posting news from other businesses and the sharing of their own news goes to the bottom of the pile.  They fail to acknowledge the impact their works makes for their own business, i.e. beyond that of their clients, and they are busy onto the next thing.

As uncomfortable as it can feel at times to broadcast your success, it is a very necessary activity in all businesses.  If you take the time to deliver value and demonstrate value to prospective clients, tell more people about it.  Most early-stage businesses will exhaust their network pretty quickly and the only way for new businesses to understand the value they create is by showing it.

Celebrate the great work you are doing and tell more people about it.  Stand up and stand out.

There is little most of you can do to overcome the barriers that social media has created so fewer people see your posts, but the thing you do have control over is posting and sharing your celebration in the first place.

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