What Is An Impact Player in Business?

November 10th, 2019
My approach to helping businesses to fulfil their potential.

My approach for supporting businesses to be more impactful has been developed over 20 years of working within and for businesses. To make it easier to grasp as a concept, I have adopted this term from the sporting world. Are you familiar with the term Impact Player in this context? These are the players who make a difference to a game just by being there and they also create a ripple effect and cause the team around them to grow in confidence.

As a lover of rugby, I have observed and experienced first-hand how impact on the field is not just the descriptor for the force players create hitting each other mid tackle! Impact is when someone has a powerful effect on something else. In sport, impact is multi-faceted, and the impact of individual players will create an outcome across the whole game. The outcome can be measured by many things from the overall score and through the contribution players make on the field.

An Impact Player makes both a considerable personal contribution and gives her teammates confidence that they can win too. Impact players effectively connect with those around them to accomplish their goals. They collaborate with other experts and maximise the use of their talent time and time again.
An Impact Player is aware of the qualities they require; what they must have, do or practice, know, and be in order to create opportunities. They are an expert, resilient, tenacious, and agile when it comes to change. They know the value they create for others; they have presence, character and integrity on and off the field. They know how best to leverage the support of their coaches and mentors to better understand the game.

Impact Players are never an overnight success and while they have their off days too, they are impactful in many aspects of their life. What people don’t always see is that they have built the necessary strong foundations for impact to get where they are. They have followed a process (whether they are aware of this or not!) and are increasing their chance of frequent and more consistent success.

It is the foundations for impact and the process thereafter that I will be sharing in my book. If you would like to stay in touch and be informed when the book launches in 2020, please do sign up for my newsletter.


Photo by Jeffrey F Lin on Unsplash

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