What Get’s Us There?

January 1st, 2019

It was only when I was asked at a Christmas party in late December what I’d been up to recently did I truly take the time to appreciate the big leaps you can make just by taking daily steps. Until that moment I’d felt like I’d been winging it on a daily basis, not recognising that I’d actually put some useful structure into my week which supported me to move my business forward at a pace I was proud of. As business founders, our head is often on the next thing and rarely do we take time to reflect on what got us there. This reflection helps us model the approach that is key to our success.
As we launch into another exciting year, here are my 3 top tips to help us grow our impact this year:

(1) Be accountable. I make a weekly commitment to get one thing done to develop my business, that is, working on my business and not just in my business and one thing to maintain my wellbeing and #happybalance.
These commitments can be as weighty or as simple as they need to be in a given week. Mine range from developing a new product, mapping my approach to something I do routinely, asking clients for feedback or commissioning a website update or new logo. For my wellbeing, these have included things like making time to read for pleasure, creating a habit to journal, learning to windsurf, drinking more water and crocheting gifts. I write my commitment on a Monday and I share the outcome on a Friday, including any learning I’ve gained.

(2) Be consistent. I’m a great believer in forming new habits. I love it when something new that you want to achieve becomes so routine that you don’t have to think about it. It happens, it’s non-negotiable and genuinely becomes a no brainier. New habits can only form by making a commitment to start them. There are some wonderful resources available to help you learn how to create new habits, this is one of my favourites — Gretchen Rubin’s Better Than Before.

This is how I tackle committing to everything from exercise, healthy eating, writing, my monthly accounts and to listening to podcasts. All habits. Consistency is not just about habits, but it is a commitment to making a start.

(3) Be with others. I could have described this final point as work with others or partner with others but I haven’t. “Being” with others, for me, is so much more. What I am describing here is being myself and being present with others. By openly sharing your aspirations, your challenges, your fears, your wins, this is where great relationships thrive. Great collaboration is built on trust, shared values and a shared goal or outcome.
For this to happen you need to BE there.

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