What 5 Insights Are You Taking into the New Year?

December 28th, 2019

What 5 Insights Are You Taking into the New Year?

I rarely make a new year’s resolution or when I have in previous years, I have rarely maintained them.  I have read so many posts over the last few days from people saying that every day can be a great day to commit to something new, which do I agree with too.

However, given that I will have written one blog every day for the whole of 2019, I am keen to at least see 1 January as a milestone of significance.

Instead of spending time considering what new years resolutions I can start and potentially allow to dwindle, I have consciously captured some of the insights I gained in 2019 and ensure I take that learning into 2020.

I have had a challenging year on a personal level and my writing has been one of the ways I have supported my mental health through the ups and downs.  Writing has been the channel through which I was able to be impactful even on the days when I was less able to control or influence things around me.  Through challenge, we learn most about ourselves, so I always see tricky circumstances as positive and I have been grateful for the support I receive from my community.

“I personally think if something’s not a challenge, there’s no point doing it, because you’re not gonna learn much.” Tom Holland

The first and second insights that I am taking into 2020 is more self-awareness (I thought I had it in bucket loads before!) and gratitude to my family, friends, colleagues and wider community.

This year, I generated a new blog topic each day which has been time-consuming.  Fortunately, I not only really enjoy writing daily, but following generous feedback, I know that I have been an impactful writer too.  I, therefore, want to continue my sharing into the new year.  To be more effective with my time, I am going to use the content themes from each day to inform my new posts, whether I generate blogs or simply sharing my thoughts across social media.

For example,

January 1 theme is habit-forming,

January 2 is seeing opportunities,

January 3 is capturing value

and so on.

In addition, I have drafted a book which is brimming with concepts and learning to share with other business founders and impact players in their field of business.  I have lots of inspiring content. I have also really enjoyed handwriting morning pages, which I will continue.

The third insight I am therefore taking into 2020 is the value of writing for myself and others.

I have got into a regular routine of creating a vision board in December and as part of the process, participants created their guiding word or phrase for the new year.  In 2019, my word was bold which morphed into courageous and for 2020 I will be Raising My Bar.

So, my fourth element to take into the new year is the intention and vision of raising my bar.

I would like to form some new habits and this year has shown me just how easy they are to create if you want to achieve something badly enough.  I plan to go to bed earlier and increase my general self-care, knowing that both require some new habits within my daily routine.

Therefore my fifth and final insight is the power of creating new habits.

Will you now take some time to reflect on your own learning from the last year?  Which of those insights would you like to proactively inform the way you approach work and play?

I’m off to pack up my 2020 rucksack with my 5 insights, and I am very much looking forward to the journey ahead.

  1. more self-awareness
  2. gratitude to my family, friends, colleagues and wider community
  3. value of writing for myself and others
  4. the vision of raising my bar
  5. power of creating new habits
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