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November 17th, 2019

My facebook group was set up to encourage business founders to stand up and stand out, sharing with the world what they are doing and are capable of.  This also enables them to attract effective collaborations to accelerate their impact.

When you share your value with other individuals and businesses it is not a selfless act as you have much to gain from this too.

Sharing your value:

  1. embeds what you know.  When you engage your value muscle, you strengthen it the more you use it.
  2. increases what you know.  Sharing facilitates more discussion and learning for others around you and your business. Your knowledge often deepens when you share it, particularly when you must be agile when you apply it in a different context.
  3. establishes you as an expert. You can talk to people about the knowledge, skills and experience you have but why should they believe you unless you can demonstrate this in some way?  Share your value so they get a taste of what you can create for them.

If you can thoroughly understand your value to others and explain this in the language that your audience understands, you will connect with people who require what you do and want to partner with you to help you do it better.  You become a magnet.  People are drawn to work with you, they want to leverage your value and use it to help them to move to the next step.  This is how you build the community of people that want to access your product and services and effective collaborations will also start to emerge.

When people understand your value and you understand theirs, this is the pinnacle; this is the place where you champion each other’s work and you create the conditions to co-create innovation.

There are a number of ways I encourage you to share your value with other people:

  1. By writing.  There will be no surprises that I am suggesting this.  You could write a book or the online world means that you can share value in short social media posts and blogs.  I suggest you start to write about the knowledge and expertise you wish to share in a journal initially if you feel you want to get clarity on what you would like to write.
  2. By speaking. You don’t have to comfortable standing up in big crowds to share your value with people.  Video and the opportunity to post these online means that you have a way of verbally communicating your value without doing this at a live event.  Record a short video to share with your own team, and globally thereafter should you wish.  The time you invest in creating anything that can be shared on social media has an opportunity for high value when you consider the number of people that may get an opportunity to learn from you.
  3. As a mentor.  There is no shortage of people looking for guidance, look out for people around you who have potential and are looking for support and guidance.  Be very clear where your expertise starts and stops so that you can manage expectations and refer them to others as required.  Don’t try to be everyone and everything to them, focus on the areas you are best able to support.  Share the hard-earned lessons that you don’t want others to have to experience unnecessarily.
  4. Via ad hoc interaction.  How many times to you get articles forwarded to you by email or you are tagged in a post that others will find useful?  Do this for others.
  5. As a business advisor or non-executive director.  Small businesses and large organisations need a wide range of expertise around them.  When you have reviewed your value, do you have something to offer other businesses?
  6. By training other people.  This can be done in a formal training setting or by attending and speaking at networking events of similar.  I have gone to lots of short events where organisers are looking for people prepared to have as little as a 10-minute slot teaching on a very specific area of their expertise.  Join in.
  7. While networking.   Sharing your value can be done in those short, spontaneous moments over coffee or the buffet table at an event.

I encourage you to share your value with generosity.

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