Seeing Beyond The Filter

December 15th, 2019

After a fun Christmas party last night, I have obtained a navy blue umbrella in exchange for the black one I took. I had no appreciation that I had picked up the wrong one until I found it in my car today.  The mistake was easily made as we spent the whole night under a heavy light filter.  We were barely able to take photos due to the blue hue and the dress I carefully choose which was covered in yellow flowers, shone either blue, grey or orange under the light.

It was an extreme level of filtering and frustrating not to be able to accurately capture facial expressions and the fun of the evening. This did remind me however of how many photos we see nowadays are through a filter.  The photos depict a version that people are choosing to show us.  I’m often sad how friends feel the need to post their pictures with a softened and blurred image, I much prefer to see them naturally, I love them all as they are.

When we see things through a filter, our own mental filters, it can change the way we see things, our mood and how we make decisions.  The filtered view can easily become both more negative and our new reality.   

Have you heard of the concept of filter shifting?  This is when you see beyond the filter.  You see yourself and others fully and you see new ways forward, recognising that your filters are not a true reflection of reality.  Look beyond the filter.

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