Raising The Bar

December 17th, 2019

Do you believe you can achieve all you set your mind to? I do. I sometimes wonder whether the reason I can be so confident about that is that I set my bar at such a comfortable level that it’s not that ambitious to attain! I find this really hard to gauge but I am left with a longing to be doing more.

“When you lower the definition of success to such a level that any person can reach it, you don’t teach people to have big dreams; instead you inspirit mediocrity and nurture people’s inadequacies.” Shannon L. Alder

Is this me at times perhaps? I know I have the opposite expectations of my team, my clients and partners, I know they can achieve great things. Why therefore do I feel that I default to setting my bar a little low? Richard Tyler’s book Jolt talks about moving from ordinary to extraordinary by giving ourselves a number of jolts into action. I do this often but if the bar of my longer-term aims is set too low, the jolts to get there will be pitched too low.

My word for 2019 was BOLD, which then morphed into COURAGEOUS. I have taken decisions this year, through my bold and courageous filter but on reflection, I know that my bar setting has not been high enough. I have achieved success, which I will be writing about at the close of the year in more detail, but does include daily blogs, my book draft and launching business number 2, but I know my value can be scaled further.

This is the reason that my word for 2020 is a phrase and it was elicited whilst at the Vision Board workshop.  RAISE THE BAR. The eagle-eyed readers will notice the image in the centre of my board, shown in the previous blog just tagged, as being symbolic of stretching my boundaries and raising my bar.

Have you perhaps slipped into tick-over in 2019? Or are you pushing your business for scale? Do you want to raise your bar further? Are you ready to commit to this in the New Year?

I will be sharing the steps I take to raise my bar in business over the coming weeks.

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