Ditch The Junk or You’ll Never See the Opportunities

January 2nd, 2019

My Day 2 of the New Year started with an anticlimax. I am back to work and before I could get stuck into my planned, exciting, better than before “new stuff”, I was predictably met by a backlog of emails and direct messages to sift through. Pages of offers of discounted products and the 2019s hottest sales. My heart sank. The euphoria of the first day of the year had passed and although researchers say that it is by day 12 that most resolutions get broken, there I was on day 2, feeling like my best intentions were fading.

So, I got to work, filtered and deleted. Mostly deleted. Until I’d ditched all that junk, I couldn’t begin to notice the gems that were sitting amongst them or have the headspace to kick off my planned business development. During my sift, I pleasantly found a few notes of thanks, importantly, received a new message from a friend who was asking for help and an interesting invitation for coffee.

Quite coincidentally, the conversation that then followed with my friend this afternoon was all about how we need to ditch the junk. We talked about the importance of saying no to the stuff we really don’t want to do, to make space for the right stuff. Quite often this the work activity or personal fun that we can’t predict will come along. And, unless we make space for it, we won’t even see these opportunities as they arise.

If, like me, you didn’t get the chance to do it at the close of the year, get ditching the junk to make room for the opportunities that will arise for you in 2019. My email, lacklustre project work and social media cull continues……….

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