Celebrating 48 Years of David Miles!

November 15th, 2019

My husband celebrates his birthday today and in my true ‘things about me’ style, it’s apt to share a few things I love about him! (In no particular order)

  1. Chooses rugby over football
  2. Has bigger thighs than me
  3. Makes me laugh
  4. Accepts that points 1-3 were my screening criteria when we met
  5. Cooks the best roast potatoes
  6. Likes to food shop
  7. Rarely snores after we discovered 2 firm pillows were the solution
  8. Has my back, always
  9. Unlikely to moan even though I’m sharing this publicly
  10. The most loyal husband and friend
  11. Can work out when I am really asking for advice versus wanting him just to agree with me
  12. Gives a shit about the important things and is learning to stop worrying about the rest
  13. Says he can’t do DIY but is secretly quite good at it as he follows instructions
  14. The most brilliant, approachable and ‘suitably embarrassing’ dad to Rhianna
  15. Openly admits he hates to change the duvet cover… our superking bedlinen has broken him on more than one occasion
  16. Loves being by the sea or any waterside place
  17. Talks to me, a lot
  18. Has strong opinions which he doesn’t shy away from sharing
  19. Knows how to do all things domesticated
  20. He’s mine and I feel blessed (and that’s not linked to the fact he can use a washing machine as per point 19!)
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