A Wide Eyed Start to December

December 1st, 2019

December 1 has been a special date for me over the last 18 years as it was then that I met my husband.  We met in a nightclub and I am grateful for our friend Andy who struck up a conversation with me and my friend Nicola, who then introduced me to Dave.

Maybe nostalgia or the fact that we are approaching Christmas but December is a month when I am often at my happiest.  I love winter, the rain less so, but those crisp ‘wrap up warm’ days are my favourite.  Then there is an opportunity to see family and catch up with friends.  Despite the fact that we say we will do more get-togethers through the year, Christmas somehow draws us together again.

At the earliest time ever, our Christmas tree has been put up today, symbolising the start of the special month of celebrations. We would usually wait for another week or so but having an excited teenager in the house, who was keen to fill the house with baubles and tinsel, was all the persuasion we needed.

To acknowledge how much I enjoy this month, I have started a reverse calendar, a way of being generous and kind throughout the month.  I have not decided what gift to give each day, I will decide as I go along.  The principle is that I will gift my time in some way, professionally and personally.  From an offer of free spaces on my workshops in 2020 to cooking for anyone who needs it, my intention is to seek out those who require help.

My intention is to notice people more.  Everyone wants to be noticed by someone at the right time, my wish is to be that someone and that I will see people that need my help.

Action For Happiness creates a kindness calendar for each month and the one for December is as thought-provoking as ever.  It has a daily nudge to encourage you to brighten your day and that of others.

There is an opportunity this month for all of us to be even more generous and kind.  Someone needs us.

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