16 Things I Just Don’t Understand

December 23rd, 2019
  1. When you look me in the eye and still don’t smile.
  2. How a beautiful Christmas Poinsettia can shed most of its leaves within days of it moving into our house.
  3. How the 20 plus people on the train today who continued to sit for six stops watching the two smallest children in our carriage stand precariously gripping onto handrails.
  4. The art of taking a great selfie.
  5. What road rage accomplishes by shouting and screaming at a bad driver.
  6. Why I developed a gag reflect after having our daughter.  I definitely didn’t have one before.
  7. What causes papaya to taste like petrol to me.
  8. Why hangovers are not bad enough to put more people off drinking.
  9. How people prefer ketchup to brown sauce.
  10. Why I cry at films now more than ever.
  11. Spin classes.  Give me bootcamp over that any day.
  12. How anyone becomes an accomplished knitter, crochet wins hands down for me every time.
  13. When people try to advise others before they ask sufficient questions to understand the context of the challenge being faced.
  14. How I once managed to reverse into the side of a huge parked white van in my street.
  15. People who think their business is about them and not their customers and other beneficiaries.
  16. Why we dream.
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