Why I Am Celebrating Writing 300 Days Straight!

October 27th, 2019
From the value of sharing with others through to the positive impacts on my wellbeing.


It’s time to celebrate!

Expanding my impact

Finding your voice allows you to make an impact. “Sharing makes you bigger than you are”.
I have written for 300 days in a row. I have written and published an article at least once every day since January 1st this year. Many of you have noticed and are regularly reading and commenting on my articles, I am grateful for the support and feedback.

Creating a new habit

Creating a habit means you don’t have to rely on willpower.
To maintain blogging every day means that I can’t rely on willpower, I have created an effective habit. If I can create a habit of writing and publishing daily what else could I do?

It’s good to celebrate

Celebrating is good to focus on what has been accomplished rather than only the long list of what there is still to do.
I am generally really rubbish at celebrating, I don’t enter awards or spend much time at all reflecting on things that have gone well. I am working to change this.

Practice, practice

If something is worth doing, it is worth taking the time to practice and improve.
My writing is improving.

Necessary sacrifices

Time is not infinite so to create time and focus on one thing means it will take priority over something else.
I have made sacrifices, sleep mainly. In order to commit and keep to a routine like this, it is not without sacrifice. When you are motivated to do something over other things, something must give. On a few occasions, I have been desperate to go to bed or to do something different, but I have pushed through and have written. This is often how I find flow.

Being helpful

What you know is valuable to other people, don’t cheat them by keeping it to yourself.
I remind myself that what I have to say is useful for others. My key messages include the importance of knowing your value, connecting with the right people, collaborating effectively and accelerating your impact. With these at my core, the drafting of my first book is also now well underway. I want to save people time by sharing my learning.

Making a start

Nothing happens unless you get going.
I decided to blog more frequently and I thought I would try and do it daily, with no target end date, and I kept going. 300 blogs in and I’m definitely going to keep it going to 365. The key was making a start in the first place.

Content creation
You are never short of ideas, just get them in a format to share.
I have ideas I can now extend further, I have articles that can be repurposed and shared on different platforms, including via video, I am not short of tangible value.

Reflect and learn
Writing publicly or privately in a journal is a great way to reflect and learn.
I continue to learn more about myself, more about what resonates with my audience and the practical side of writing.

Linked to many of the above, the act of writing and sharing your thoughts with others enhances your wellbeing.
I have taken the opportunity to share personal reflections, review activities I have undertaken and most importantly share the messages that I want to evangelise about. I have found sharing this way to be good for my wellbeing.

What have you been doing recently that you could take some time to celebrate? Just the simple act of sharing with others what you have achieved is a celebration in itself.


Photo by Alan Hurt Jr. on Unsplash

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